Kitchen hacks with the Domestic Geek

Make every day easier with Google Home

Stop by the Google shop and let the Domestic Geek, Sara Lynn Cauchon, help you overcome those kitchen nightmares. With Google Home as her trusty sidekick, Sara Lynn will demo some of her favorite time-saving kitchen hacks — like the fastest way to peel a kiwi, the easiest way to chop a mango and a brilliant way to fill a piping bag. You’ll have the chance to put those hacks to the test in the session, while discovering how Google Home can help answer cooking-related questions and make life easier in the kitchen.

Note: There are 12 spots for those attendees that are up for an interactive challenge with the Domestic Geek! And not to worry, there will also be spots for those who prefer to sit back and watch. So even though you're on the waiting list, feel free to come join us at the Google shop.

Saturday Jul 08, 2017
schedule15:00 – 16:30

Make every day easier with Google Home

In this event series — you’ll discover how Google Home’s hands-free help can bring calm to your hectic family life, save you time in the kitchen, and make your life even easier.